The St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Mission Trip ministry is based on the love for our large number of Hispanic parishioners; and using God’s wisdom in His biblical verse from Matthew 25:40... "....whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me." This ministry helps us takes big but comfortable steps in becoming one parish family.

We partner with Esperanza International to help families in Mexico to obtain housing for their families. We furnish most of the physical labor during the week we are in Mexico. Esperanza provides a safe and secure place (the Posada) that provides for all our basic needs for the week. Our typical work ranges from digging troughs for foundation footings, moving material by bucket brigades, mixing concrete, making bricks, building reinforcing steel cages for columns, and doing final pours of concrete for walls and roofs. We also participate in after-work activities ranging from visiting health clinics, orphanages, migrant deportation facilities, local sporting events, and more, depending on the opportunities available. All of these events help to further our understanding and acceptance of the Mexican culture and grow in God’s love.

Among our many mission goals is to grow in our relationship with Jesus by interacting more with our brothers and sisters in Mexico, growing in acceptance of people who have surface differences, but have in their hearts our same, deep love of God. While the physical goal is to help families to achieve homes where they can live in simple dignity, an additional achievement of the mission trip is the expansion of our own families. Not only with the Mexican families we help, but among those of our mission trip with whom we spend a week of change. When we return, all changed in our own individual ways, the true power of God is so evident, and we now have more people in our own expanded family.

Our actions result in more than just the physical construction of a new home. All who join in on the Mission achieve a greater understanding of what God wants us to do with the gifts He has given us! We get to see that happiness truly does not come from all the "things" we have, but that it only comes from our love for one another. Our youth who attend grow immensely in their self-confidence and many have emotionally-charged experiences. We all have life-changing experiences while on the mission and develop memories for our whole lifetime! Once we come to the realization that final happiness will not come from this world, but from living with our Father, then true salvation can begin.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mission Trip or joining us for a God-driven experience, sponsoring a youth for the trip, or in donating to this amazing blessing from God, please call the church office at 636-946-1853 or Mission Trip lead, Suzie Svodoba, at 636-288-1602 or by email at