Our PSR program helps public school children ages kindergarten through 8th grade grow in their Catholic faith.

The Parish School of Religion teaches the message of God's love as written in the Gospel, which calls us to action through community service and through the development of respect for ourselves and for others.

We invite all believers to grow in faith and worship together in celebration of the Word and Eucharist from which we are nourished and renewed. It is hoped that through their educational experiences in the Parish School of Religion the children will deepen their love for God and seek peace and justice as they mature. The Parish School of Religion emphasizes the importance of prayer and Christian community by bringing the children together to pray and to worship God, and by helping the children to grow in their faith.

Through personal witness, outreach and evangelization, we share our gifts in humble service to the Christian community and the world, as we strive to grow in the likeness of Christ.

Please click the button above for an electronic registration form. Contact Sr. Raquel Ortez, director of religious education, at with questions or for a printed packet.