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This spring Catholics across the Archdiocese were invited to take a Disciple Maker Index survey to provide parish leadership with insights into their attitudes and beliefs, relationships and satisfaction, participation, and demographics. This data will be used by the Archdiocese for the next steps in the All Things New initiative.


The Archdiocese released the results of all survey participants at

Here are our parish results of the survey. We will continue to add information about the strengths of our parish, the opportunities for growth we have based on the survey results, and the trends in our participation in areas of our faith.

Demographics of Respondents

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Strengths of the Parish

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Opportunities for Growth

In looking at the survey results, we identified opportunities for growth through two lenses: 

1) Areas that had small numbers of “strongly agree” and “agree” that may require implementing new programs to address these needs; and 
2) Areas that had large numbers of “agree” but not of “strongly agree” that may be addressed with some tweaking or re-emphasizing current programs to assist parishioners with these needs.

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Trends in Participation in Our Faith

These areas indicate the frequency that our parishioners participate in each of the areas of our faith, from their own personal faith life to their invitation to others to join in that faith life.

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