Dear Parents, Welcome to St. Charles Borromeo Parish School of Religion:

I want to welcome you to our PSR program! I look forward to partner with you and your children this year. Our whole Borromeo parish welcomes you! Our parish catechists, volunteers and the parish staff have planned a wonderful program this year. However, we are only part of the spiritual formation process - you as parents are the first and primary educators in the faith. In other words, this process does not work without the commitment of all of us!

In order to help your child to grow in his or her Catholic faith, parents must be a part of our team. Show good example by praying daily with your children, attending Mass regularly and participating in the life of the parish. We hope to expose the children to a variety of Catholic practice during the course of the months to come, but the exposure means so much more if these practices are important to you and your family.

While you are interested in religious instruction for your children, we would like you to know that the Parish School of Religion has a broad range of opportunities for education and spiritual formation here in our parish.

Also, for who are curious about the Catholic Faith or who feel that the Holy Spirit may be encouraging them to join the Church you may be interested in joining us for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).

We are very glad that you are here; you as a parent are the most important part of our team. We have an open door policy and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely in Christ,

Sister Raquel O. SSND
Director of Religious Education

The Parish School of Religion

The Saint Charles Borromeo Parish School of Religion is part of the educational arm of the parish community, responsible for providing religious instruction (known as catechesis), formation and sacramental preparation to children attending public or non-Catholic private schools. Our materials, methods and practices follow the Graded Course of Study issued by the Diocese of St. Louis and approved for use by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Parents' Commitment

When your children were baptized, you as parents, made promises that you would be the primary religious educators in your families. PSR exists to support you in this important work, and it is our privilege to partner with you and your family. With the commitment of others, we provide the children and youth of our parish a great environment for growth in their Catholic faith.

Community Commitment

Religious education cannot exist without being tied directly to the public work and worship of our Church. As such, PSR is available to children of parishioners and is an essential part of Catholic life which includes regular participation in the Sacraments and weekly attendance at Mass.

Philosophy of the Parish School of Religion

The Parish School of Religion teaches the message of God's love as written in the Gospel, which calls us to action through community service and through the development of respect for ourselves and for others.

We invite all believers to grow in faith and worship together in celebration of the Word and Eucharist from which we are nourished and renewed. It is hoped that through their educational experiences in the Parish School of Religion the children will deepen their love for God and seek peace and justice as they mature.

The Parish School of Religion emphasizes the importance of prayer and Christian community by bringing the children together to pray and to worship God, and by helping the children to grow in their faith.

Through personal witness, outreach and evangelization, we share our gifts in humble service to the Christian community and the world, as we strive to grow in the likeness of Christ.

Parish Mission Statement

We, the St. Charles Borromeo Parish family, are called by virtue of our Baptism, to be a sign of Jesus Christ. We are sent to foster the growth of Godís kingdom by praising God, serving others, and proclaiming the Gospel.

What We Do

The Borromeo Parish School of Religion (PSR) provides catechetical instruction to children and youth who attend public schools so they can grow in intimacy with Jesus, be knowledgeable about their faith, and integrate the teachings of the Gospel into their lives. Our PSR program also prepares these young people for the reception of their first sacraments.

How To Register

To register for the upcoming PSR school year, please complete and return the following information

  • Complete the Registration Form.
  • Read, print, and sign the Witness Statement.
  • A copy of any sacramental certificate (Kindergarten and new students only)

Additional Info

If you have any additional questions regarding PSR or how to register, please email the Director of Religious Education or call (636) 946-2916.